Get more file info!

The wc bash command gives more info on the contents of a file. A simple man command on wc (man wc) will give:

wc: print newline, word, and byte counts for each file

I create a file named file1

wc file1

This command gives a weird output like:

 2 5   25 file1

Here 2 is the number of newline characters in the file

5 is the number of space separated words

25 is the size of file in bytes (= number of characters in the file iff each character = 1 byte)

file1 is the name of the file under consideration

Here’s a nifty trick.

$ printf ‘The %4$s file has %2$03s words over %1$s lines. Size: %3$s bytes.\n’ `wc file1`


This outputs

The file1 file has 025 words over 2 lines. Size: 25 bytes



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